Tennis NSW

Game, set and match for member communications

WHO: Tennis NSW

WHAT: communication strategy for the President and Board to members

WHY: governance review that required member endorsement

HOW: speech and supporting materials including fact sheets, focus groups, bulletins



The Board of Tennis NSW had undertaken a structural governance review out of which were a number of recommendations that required member endorsement. The communications needed to reach a broad range of people, in both country NSW and metropolitan Sydney. Some of the recommendations would be confronting to sections of the membership base. The Board did not have a good track record at communicating with its members.


Working with the President, key messages were developed to put into context the importance of structural governance change. A speech was written, with supporting powerpoint visuals and delivered to 6 meetings of members in the country and metropolitan Sydney. Members were provided with information and fact sheets. A page on the website was built to host all information and materials, and to facilitate member feedback – questions, opinions, etc. Follow-up news bulletins were developed and information posted on the website keeping members informed and encouraging attendance at the AGM.


There was large member attendance at all information meetings and two-way communication flowed between the Board and members on the issues at hand. Member groups who had in the past been disengaged sought the opportunity to vote and endorsed the structural governance changes. The President and the Board achieved a majority vote for change. There was no negative publicity associated with the process.