About Blueprint Advisory

In an age of “shiny new things” such as social media, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals; that people buy brands, not conversations. Trust, respect and a clear point of difference are even more important when the customer interface may be through a screen.

For businesses, the challenge is how to manage growth and strategy in an era of fragmented budgets, empowered customers or clients and overstretched resources.

Whatever issues your brand or business faces, Blueprint Advisory brings the passion, experience and discipline to help. Harnessing over 20 years working in leadership teams for major Australian organisations, Blueprint Advisory applies a 4 stage approach: focus, create, engage and sustain.

Sue Woodward – Principal

Sue has spent 20 years as part of leadership teams of three international and major Australian organisations: Arthur Andersen, Knight Frank and Deacons.

Within these organisations, Sue has developed all main components of marketing – from establishing the marketing function, building the brand, media campaigns to client relationship management programs.

Along the way, she has developed their internal capabilities, people and systems so that marketing can be applied by everyone, not just a core few in a central group.

Having a seat at the leadership table and living through the entire process – the good and the bad – has provided a valuable perspective on what is required for success.

Sue has the experience to question assumptions and suggest alternative ways to achieve goals.

And she has a deep understanding of the realities of working within organisational structures; along with the need to deal with the culture and politics, contrasting business priorities and budgetary and headcount constraints.


What motivated you to start Blueprint Advisory?

For years I have been working within organisations creating their marketing teams. Building their brands, and establishing systems and processes. I have been successful at this and through these organisations they have assisted me develop my reputation and knowledge.

I felt the time was right to develop my reputation further – under my own brand – and share my experience with more organisations and people.

I also thought that I was now ready to try something different and to take greater control of my professional life. I wanted to have a go on my own.

Everyone talks of having a point of difference, what nano point of difference does Blueprint Advisory have?

The nano point of difference is me – Sue Woodward. What you see is what you get.

I have a good understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses. I am a very practical marketer. I am not hung up on just being associated with strategy. To me it’s the management and implementation that is critical.

I enjoy working with people – creating and defining their brands, building their culture and communicating throughout their organisation and to their stakeholders.

I get a kick out of delivering results – results that make a difference. I do this by putting myself in someone else’s shoes, picturing myself as someone receiving the communication or experiencing the interaction with the company.

How do you define yourself?

Someone with lots of energy, blessed to have had wonderful opportunities in my life – through working with great people and great organisations, through travel, education and sport.

These opportunities have defined me. I am hard working, honest, loyal, a listener.

I like to find solutions and help people.

I like to give – by giving to people, I feel good.

What do you enjoy and value?

I value my health and happiness – together with family and friends, this is the oxygen to my life.

I thrive on working with positive and open minded people – who are willing to have a go and who take a pride in producing great work, high quality work.

I enjoy being active and busy. I enjoy life.

Your proudest moment

I don’t have one stand-out moment.

There are lots of moments that I look back on and am proud of.

Many people say they are proud of their sporting or academic achievements and I have been blessed and have achieved in these areas. But they don’t cause a lump in my throat.

What does is being part of a loving family; and having long time friends call you out of the blue and rekindle friendship.

These are proud moments.

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