Case Study

Own the strategy

WHO: Deacons

WHAT: renew and refocus its strategy

WHY: need for partners/employees to buy-in to the 5 year corporate strategy

HOW: consultative strategy development process and an inclusive communications program


Deacons, a commercial law firm, wanted to renew and refocus its strategy in anticipation that the bullish market would turn. The development of previous plans was contained to a small group excluding the wider partnership. It was decided that all 150 partners would have greater input to this strategy prior to communication and implementation.

A wider executive group was formed which included future leaders to work on the strategy. Performance gaps were identified.


Action plans were developed to bridge the performance gaps and drive new initiatives. Initiatives were prioritised, and budget allocated. A first draft plan was workshopped with the 150+ partners. Feedback was taken on board. A communications program led by the Chief Operating Partner, and supported by a range of partners was rolled out to all staff through a series of forums where staff learned of the strategy.


There was little resistance to the strategy and its initiatives by the partners. Over 90% of staff attended the communications forums. On-going communications reported on progress to plan to partners and staff. Staff took up the on-line forum to comment and assess management on delivery of the initiatives.