Case Study

Making sense of the strategy

WHO: Blueprint Management

WHAT: corporate strategy, brand strategy, internal communications

WHY: focus marketing effort, agree objectives, communicate vision and strategy

HOW: focus groups, coach CEO, corporate strategy, internal communications


The Chairman and CEO had lost confidence in the capability of the marketing team. There were 3 brands being promoted to the market with little focus and understanding of market position. The team were operating to their own agenda. the key concerns were to focus the marketing effort, fixing upon marketing objectives that were aligned to the corporate strategy, assessing the brand hierarchy, and communicating the vision and strategy to the whole company.


First, we had to make sense of a strategic direction that was heavy on research and theory, translate it into plain English, and develop practical and implementable initiatives that were geared to unite the brands, and grow the business. Focus groups were held across the organisation with all staff on their views and feelings of the company and the customer base they were servicing. Coached the CEO on bringing together the executive team so they honestly and collectively worked through the vision, strategic drivers, and key supporting initiatives and investments required.

A corporate strategy together with a clear brand position was developed that was authored and owned by all members of the executive team. This received board endorsement. Leveraging existing communication channels and HR practices to communicate the strategy to everyone in the company.


The company started to behave as one firm, not 3 distinct business units. Systems were streamlined, many consolidated making for workplace efficiencies and cost savings. Reporting on performance was more transparent. There was greater clarity to the brand and its offer.