Case Study

Frankly better solution for Knight Frank


The Australian operations of Knight Frank, a commercial real estate firm, known for its strong transactional expertise (sales and leasing) had invested in adding consulting real estate expertise. Existing sales teams needed to be convinced of the new service to their business and clients. The firm had no track record in consulting real estate expertise. Staff needed to be educated on the company’s service expansion and expertise.


A series of internal meetings was held with the Sales and Consulting teams to sell the benefits and expertise of consulting, and facilitate client introductions. Key messages were developed to win over the Sales team. A schedule of client introductions and on-going sales/relationship meetings with clients was implemented and measured.

Presentations were supported by key messages and marketing materials. Meetings with the media were organised with those consultants who had opinions on topical issues in order to gain media coverage. Staff were introduced to the new strategic direction through formal presentations led by management, ‘brown lunch bag’ Q&A sessions with their managers, and a values document. Monthly to quarterly update communications via a range of media were implemented to reinforce messages and inform of progress and successes.


Greater teamwork across divisions was achieved. Many new business meetings included a representative from each division, to plan and co-ordinate an approach. Revenue from the existing client base increased by 10%, and net margin improved by 3% based upon the wider range of services provided.