Case Study

Facing up to the Senate

WHO: Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia

WHAT: develop a strategy and recommend an approach to address a Senate Inquiry

WHY: required experienced and dedicated skills to kick start the effort

HOW: raise profile, recommend an approach, meetings with Senators


The CEO was juggling a range of critical business issues and initiatives when a Senate Inquiry was called that would affect the reputation of this membership based organisation and the interests of stakeholders. A strategy and implementation plan with immediate effect was required.


Working along-side the Chairman and the CEO, a strategy with a supporting implementation plan was developed within 4 days and presented to the Board for approval. It was immediately endorsed.

The strategy focused on the current situation across a range of elements, and recommended a “way forward” assigning responsibilities, timeframe, required investment, and desired outcomes. One of the key outcomes sought was to raise the profile and value of the organisation in the minds of the Senate Committee, and the other was to produce and present a compelling submission to the Inquiry. With the strategy and implementation plan endorsed, it was a matter of putting everything into action.

A team was pulled together, they were briefed on their role and what was required of them, the board was kept informed of progress, stakeholders were surveyed, and they, too, were kept informed throughout the process. Meetings were set up with Senators prior to the submission being lodged to educate them on the industry and the organisation’s role.


A factual and persuasive submission was lodged on time, and was followed with strong presentations by the Chairman and CEO before the Senate Committee. The Senate Committee commended the organisation on their participation and support throughout the Inquiry process. The process raised the organisation’s profile and reinforced its role and value. The process also instigated more regular communications between the organisation and stakeholders.