Case Study

Bright spark needed for business plan

WHO: Sparke Helmore

WHAT: strategy and business plan

WHY: current resources were not experienced to do this

HOW: business plan, set key Partner vision and goals, review client list


A practice group at Sparke Helmore required a 3 year strategy and supporting business plan. The plan needed to be completed within a tight deadline, have partner buy-in, and set more rigour and focus to each partner’s practice and its contribution to the national practice.


Bring in Blueprint Advisory on an interim basis to develop the business plan – someone who has done it before and can work to a tight deadline and involving a number of stakeholders/partners.

A business plan was developed. It was done in consultation with the key partners. It required meeting with them one-on-one. Involved reviewing the past plan – what was working, what wasn’t and why. It involved working closely with the Partner in charge of the national group to articulate his vision and key goals for the group.

These then needed to be set against the goals of Sparke Helmore and how they contribute to the growth and profitability of the practice group and that of the firm. It involved doing a review of the client list – to assess those clients with growth potential and not yet realised, and those clients where there was limited growth. Involved reviewing the firm’s client list for new revenue growth opportunities.


A business plan was developed. Its focus was on growth. Its structure was adopted by other practice groups in the firm. An implementation plan was developed that supported the business plan – it turned objectives into tactics and had set responsibilities and milestones. All partners had ownership of the plan, many of the tactics formed their own individual plans that they were measured on. The plan was in a form that the firm’s more junior marketing team could monitor and provide progress reports to the Partner in Charge.