Watermark Search International

Turning the tide for Watermark

WHO: Watermark Executive Search

WHAT: brand and culture strategy

WHY: vision not effectively known internally

HOW: focus groups, key themes documented, report delivered to the Board



The Managing Director of Watermark International sought to more effectively communicate his vision so that partners and staff were inspired, collaborated and were actively involved in the business.


Held focus groups with all staff and the leadership team. The mix of people in each group were carefully considered. The purpose of the focus groups was to ask each group the same questions which focused on: about the company – strengths and weaknesses, what it stands for, its culture; leadership style, credibility; and the competition. The findings were documented under key themes, and a report delivered to the board.


The Managing Director and the board received more than a vision statement. The report, which documented key themes provided the structure of a revised strategy, including priority business objectives, leadership initiatives, resourcing needs, communications and workplace investments. Staff became more engaged and keen to work more closely with leadership to be part of building and driving the firm, instead of being passengers.