Innovating review of marketing team

WHO: Central Innovation

WHAT: marketing review

WHY: doubts about skills of marketing team and marketing programs

HOW: review of the marketing function and report to the Managing Director



The Managing Director had doubts about the skills and competencies of the marketing team, their support provided to Sales, and the focus and execution of marketing programs.


A limited review of the marketing function was undertaken.

This involved: interviewing a range of stakeholders from the Managing Director, Sales team, CFO, and the Marketing Manager. We also reviewed the product range, positioning, their offer and any points of difference, the competitive landscape and existing marketing and sales materials. A report was delivered to the Managing Director which provided a range of recommendations on: structure and skills of the marketing team, product strategy, brand strategy, communications – presentation and content, and on-line presence.


The report and recommendations were accepted by the Managing Director who has acted on a range of them including marketing resourcing, sales materials, and website structure and content.