We need it now

WHO: DibbsBarker

WHAT: client brochure

WHY: need to impress client at a meeting in 7 days time, limited budget

HOW: brochure designed, developed with limited print run



The firm had a brand strategy which had not been brought to life. They were seeking to impress and obtain more work from an existing client. They had no compelling story of their offer. The client meeting was in 7 days and they had limited budget.


A brochure was designed and produced. For the first time the themes in the brand strategy were put to work, in a brand story that put in context “who we are”, “what we do” and “what makes us who we are”. A designer took the present visual brand to another level, and visually brought to life the brand story in brochure format. A small print run was undertaken to manage costs.


The firm confidently presented their offer to the client. There was renewed confidence and pride held by the leadership team of the firm’s brand and offer. The brand story was leveraged to other communication tools, and was applied to on-line communications.