Champion Legal

A champion result

WHO: Champion Legal

WHAT: corporate strategy, brand strategy, outsourced CMO

WHY: grow revenues, improve profits, modernise culture, communications and systems

HOW: documented corporate strategy, marketing consultant, new resources



Champion Legal was coming out of a consolidation phase. The Managing Partner and CFO were seeking advice on how to grow firm revenues, improve profits and modernise its culture, communications and systems. They had no in-house resources with strategy or marketing skills, nor could their budget afford a full-time senior resource.


Appoint a senior marketing expert on a consultancy basis to work in their offices 1 to 2 days a week, and be available outside these hours for advice and support to the Managing Partner and other partners. The key focus in the first few months of the engagement was to work with the Managing Director to consolidate and articulate the corporate strategy – short to medium term.

The strategy focused on the structure and resourcing of the business, the brand and its relevance and meaning to staff and clients, and key systems, processes and policies to drive efficiencies, quality and manage risk. Resource gaps were identified and the firm invested in recruiting key capabilities.A visual brand initiative was embarked upon which involved a team of staff, and this was implemented across their on-line and off-line marketing and business development materials, and within the office environment. Existing systems were modernised, some were made redundant. The agenda to the board meeting was focused on financial performance, and marketing and business development activities.


The Managing Director had a documented corporate strategy with a detailed supporting implementation plan that he referred to weekly to assess performance, change tact, add to, etc. Greater collaboration amongst the partners regarding the direction of the firm, its structure and its resourcing needs.

Strong staff engagement due to their awareness of the corporate strategy and their involvement in a number of the larger initiatives – website development, intranet development, client functions, refurbishments to the office, etc. Key resources were employed to bolster skills gaps and assist the firm “go to market” with credibility and competence in key areas of law.