Arthur Andersen

Olympic effort for Andersens

WHO: Arthur Andersen

WHAT: Sydney Olympics 2000 sponsorship strategy

WHY: secure exclusive category sponsorship for professional services

HOW: package services into a sponsorship arrangement



SOCOG (Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) required its audit and tax advisor, Arthur Andersen, to package its services into a sponsorship arrangement for the term of the organising committee’s existence. The arrangement was to be a mix of ‘fee paying services’ and value in kind. This was a first for the category, and also for Arthur Andersen.


A team including Marketing structured an offer around service delivery, pricing approach, and other added value benefits to SOCOG. Pricing was a mix of fee paying and VIK. A component of the offer was focused on marketing support the firm could provide in promoting the Games to its client and support base.


Category exclusivity was obtained. Successful contract negotiations were held with SOCOG, the AOC and the IOC. Business benefits – revenue growth, staff development, improved market profile, and stronger client relationships flowed through to the business of Andersen. The arrangement paved the way for future organising committees to incorporate professional services categories as a revenue line.