What motivated you to start Blueprint Advisory?

For years I have been working within organisations creating their marketing teams, building their brands, motivating staff, establishing systems and processes and executing on campaigns. I was successful at this. I wanted to do this with more brands and more frequently. Plus, I saw a need for companies to engage an advisor or consultant who delivers on initiatives rather than delivers a report with recommendations.

Everyone talks of having a point of difference, what’s different about Blueprint Advisory?

The difference is me – Sue Woodward. Ask any client, any staff I have managed, and you will get the same answer. Sue makes things happen. I am a practical marketer; you will hear little theory. I am not hung up on only doing strategy. To me it’s the management and implementation of Marketing that is critical.

I enjoy working with people – creating and defining their brands, building their culture and communicating throughout their organisation. I get a kick out of delivering results. I do this by putting myself in someone else’s shoes, picturing how the consumer will receive the communication or experiencing the interaction with the company.

How do you define yourself?

Someone with lots of energy, blessed to have had wonderful opportunities in my life – through working with great people and great organisations, through travel, education and sport. These opportunities have defined me. I am hard-working, honest, loyal, a listener. I like to find solutions and help people. I like to give – by giving to people, I feel good.

What do you enjoy and value?

I value my health and happiness – together with family and friends, this is the oxygen to my life. I thrive on working with positive and open-minded people – who are willing to have a go and who take a pride in producing great work. I enjoy being active and busy.

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