Case Study

Real results for real estate

WHO: Knight Frank Australia

WHAT: Consolidate media buy, unify advertising

WHY: No national media buy and ad looked tired

HOW: Service level agreement, new advertising template and unified media rate


8 advertising agencies servicing 8 offices. There was no national media buy. Property advertisements looked tired and cluttered, properties were not effectively presented, and there was no brand consistency to the advertising.


A review of the agencies was undertaken which invovled operative feedback. A service level agreement was implemented with the successful agency network. A new advertising style was developed and implemented nationally. Media buy and negotiations were centralised.


One media rate was negotiated which was a more competitive rate. More prominent placement was achieved. Advertisements more effectively showcased the property and the call to action. The ad design was leveraged across other collateral – signboards, brochures – creating a united and professional image. A stronger and more proactive relationship was developed between the property agents and their advertising agency. Property agents recognised the benefits a united and professional approach, and were quick to ‘pull up’ peers for not adhering to the approach.