Case Study

Pulling together as one

WHO: Deacons

WHAT: behavioural and visual branding program

WHY: unify the network, grow profile and achieve consistency of service standards

HOW: focus groups, internal brand promise, brand propositions, visual identity


Deacons, a commercial law firm with offices in Australia and Asia, had been operating as ‘stand alone’ offices with only a name and part visual identity linking them. Systems were all different, clients were ‘owned’, knowledge and resources were not shared, offices were competing for the same clients. Market profile was low. Lip service was paid to living shared values. There were cultural issues between regions, as well as business maturity and profile issues.


Focus groups were conducted. Feedback defined and developed a brand heirarchy, internal brand promise, brand propositions to all stakeholders, visual identity, and a practical meaning to the values. Visual guidelines were developed. Systems and processes were developed and implemented across all communications, new business pursuits, client standards, employee initiatives. Core messages were adopted across the network. Internal processes, particularly communications and performance, were aligned to the values.


Over a four year period, the network of offices came together as one firm. Staff secondments were occurring. The firm’s client base grew across the network with revenues increasing 123% in four years, and revenue from new clients being 17% of the total revenues. Staff morale and engagement improved. New business success rate moved from 25% to 65%. There was a uniform and professional look to all communications. The profile of the firm had improved.