Case Study

Keeping staff in the loop

WHO: Knight Frank

WHAT: communications strategy and internal communications

WHY: a need to share news, knowledge and office happenings

HOW: a unified national newsletter


At the time, many of the offices did not have access to the intranet. None of the staff working off-site in the retail locations could access the firm’s intranet; their only means of contact with head office was attending monthly meetings. A number of the larger offices had established ‘newsletters or bulletins’ which promoted State based initiatives. There was no one national news forum that connected all offices – shared news, celebrated successes, informed and educated.


An editorial team was created with state based representation. A national newsletter letter was created and produced by the team on a monthly basis. The newsletter was both in hard-copy and softcopy. Hard copy was necessary for those staff not connected to the firm’s intranet. Staff forums were organised and conducted on a regular basis for off-site staff. These forums celebrated team and individual successes, informed of news and events in other States, and any new investments that were to be undertaken.


12 months after the implementation of communications strategy and its components a staff engagement survey was undertaken. Staff engagement improved to 75%. there was a sense of camaraderie and teamwork in all offices and across offices.