Case Study

A chance to State their case

WHO: State Government

WHAT: develop a business case for a State Government to underwrite a business and community program for the region

WHY: tight timeframe to make good on a budgeted initiative

HOW: business case and marketing plan developed, revenue and cost projections


A business case was required in a tight timeframe in order to “make good” on a budgeted initiative. Research on competitor events and timing was essential. Revenue and cost projections needed to be identified so risks were fully understood.


A business case was developed that drew upon local and internal research of other “like” events. A range of stakeholders was interviewed for their thoughts and insights on the initiative. The business case also took into account the State Government’s goals and priorities not only with respect to this portfolio but other portfolios.

A marketing plan was provided to provide options on promoting the event. A sponsorship strategy was drafted to assist the Department sell into the Premier opportunities to ease the level of financial investment required by government. A draft program of business and community activities was provided as a foundation for the organising committee to work with. Revenue and cost projections for 3 conducts of the event were provided.


The business case was accepted and an organising committee appointed. The first event was staged in 2010 and embraced by the community.